Terms of payment, delivery and return

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Terms of payment, delivery and return

Payments Features of payment

Payment for products is made by any of the methods presented on the site. Payment is made online. If you have any questions related to the payment of the products, please, contact to [email protected].

Delivery Rules of delivery

There is no delivery of products, in fact, the right of access for the user's account to the system is paid. The account is activated automatically upon receipt of information about the payment for the products from the payment acceptance system or upon receipt of payment by bank transfer to our current account. At the same time, sending notifications from the service remains optional, but possible.

Return Rules of return

If the user considers the quality of the service to be unsatisfactory, he may cancel his account. If the cancellation occurred within two days from the date of payment for the subscription and provided that no more than 30 reports were received in the system, we guarantee a full refund. To cancel your account, you must send an email to [email protected] indicating your login and describing the situation.

Refunds are possible only to the same details from which the funds were transferred as payment.