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Search engine and region Number of keywords Number of domains Number of pages Update date
Google: New York 61 341 802 20 568 566 619 445 849 07.06.2023
Basic pricing planPricing plan description

This plan allows analyzing small websites which have less than 50 000 keywords in search and PPC. You will be able to use all the tools for successful semantic work. Group reports, website comparison, semantic kernel and export of advertising campaigns – it is not the full list or your opportunities.

This plan is the best choice for freelancers, beginners in SEO and the owners of small businesses. API integration is not provided.

Professional pricing planPricing plan description

It is the best choice for small studios and individual specialists up to 3 people in a team. The limits are noticeably enlarged in comparison with the basic plan. Competitors’ analysis becomes even easier!

You will be able to watch the big businesses and get the full semantics without any appreciable limits. API integration allows to computerize many processes and optimize your work.

Team pricing planPricing plan description

Are you the owner of a big web-studio with a team of specialists? Are you competing with famous brands for the top of SERP? Are you limited by the rules of the other pricing plans? The team plan is the best choice for you!

You will be able to work without any limits, get up to 10 users to your account and upload big data. You will see every bit of your competitors and never lose any keyword.