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SEM & SEO Agency
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For what tasks

Find out competitors in search and PPC.
Understand what pages to add to the site and how to collect them in order to collect more traffic.
See how competitors' advertising campaigns are set up.
Quickly assemble or expand the keywords research.
Increase the flow of customers from organic and paid issuance.


Analysis of websites in search and PPC

Helps you find the most relevant competitors and analyze:
  • search traffic, visibility and position
  • keywords
  • Google Ads
  • data for individual URLs
  • site position history by keywords

Analysis of performance Google Ads

It will help to create the most effective advertising campaigns based on the results of the analysis of competitors' campaigns:
  • collect a group of relevant keys
  • discover competitor ads and landing pages
  • track Performance Per Click advertising for individual keywords
  • local ads in New York
  • analyze product groups that competitors promote through PPC

Keywords analysis

More than 60 million keywords will help to collect keyword plan for the site with frequency indicators and performance indexes. You no longer have to collect keywords for hours, we did it for you.

Additional tools to save time

Perform many more tasks without leaving the service:
  • Collect additional phrases and expand keyword plan
  • Group your keywords as quickly as possible with an automatic clusterer
  • Use the same top URL highlighting tool to properly group keywords
  • Find out how search results changed on keywords: which competitors left and which ones took their place
  • Compare keyword plan of yours and competitors, unload missed keywords, add to the website and increase traffic
  • Automate your work with semantics with a set of dedicated tools
  • Find out what market share different sites share among themselves

Why choose?

  • Regular database updates
  • Instant reporting
  • Unique data for positions and ads in the New York region
  • Possibility of analytics not only by domain or key, but also by individual page
  • Advanced filters for working with reports
  • Personal support
  • Analysis of advertising campaigns in Google Ads
  • API access
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